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He has an experience of 15+ years of programming. He has written many books and some of them are, C++ Game Programming, C++ Programming, C++ Data Structures, C++ 3D Game Development and C# Programming. Article Categories To read the rest of this article and the others in this series, go to: Download the Latest.NET Magazine Here's the latest magazine from the MSDN Magazine Library. It includes a listing of the current and past issues of each magazine along with tips on how to get the most from the download experience. 0 6 Did You Enjoy This Article? Please consider supporting Tech Tidings with a donation. Our website is a free service that is supported by advertising. Article comments Why Comment Here? There are two types of comments: comments you need to log in to post, and comments that can be posted without a log in. Log in to comment, if you would like, by clicking on your name.Plant-based meat companies like Impossible Foods are a big deal in Silicon Valley, but at first glance, the role of vegans in the plant-based meat movement is peripheral, if not nonexistent. But as researchers like Dr. Yaneer Bar-Yam of the New England Complex Systems Institute point out, veganism may have an even bigger impact on the rise of meat substitutes than most people realize. “I think the research on veganism is at least as important as the research on plant-based meat,” Bar-Yam told TechCrunch. “Because veganism is a more practical option, it is likely to be adopted more rapidly.” Veganism is, obviously, a dietary choice that eschews animal-derived foods. But it’s also one that reduces animal consumption, and therefore, animal suffering. It’s also very lucrative for animal-welfare-oriented companies like Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods, which have established supply chains and are starting to export their products. “It’s a double win,” said Bar-Yam. “As more people go vegan, we have a good shot at reducing meat consumption and potentially animal suffering in the world. And companies like Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods are making it increasingly attractive and accessible.” I was intrigued by this hypothesis, so I approached both Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods for comment



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Graphics Under C By Yashwant Kanetkar Pdf Free 59 bickdan

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